Best Mattress for Seniors

  • Fewer pressure points to impede circulation
  • Fully adjustable

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  • Edge to Edge support
  • Firm support of spine


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  • Helps alleviate sleep apnea symptoms


What Is the Best Mattress for Seniors?

No matter how fit we may be, our bodies change as we age. In fact, some of the most athletic people may experience the most dramatic changes. This is because as we use different parts of our bodies year after year, joints wear down, muscles shrink, bone density decreases, we become more sensitive to allergens, and our balance can shift in ways that make it easier to sustain injuries.

Even our sleep patterns change. As we age, many people find they need less sleep each night. As we age, we also have a harder time falling asleep. Seniors awake more often during the night and need less sleep. People who needed nine hours of sleep in their youth may now find that six or seven hours is enough.
To make senior sleep even more complicated, insomnia becomes more common. Seniors are more likely to have sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea and hypersomnia. 

The Right Mattress May Help Seniors Sleep Better

Young people are often able to sleep well in almost any situation. You may have noticed a toddler who falls asleep on a floor as they play or teenagers who sleep deeply while curled up in a back seat during a family trip. But seniors often find that good sleep is more elusive.

Seniors, however, can improve the odds of a good night of sleep by choosing a mattress that suits their sleeping styles and accommodates their sleep disorders or conditions.

We’ve created a list of mattresses that may help seniors sleep deeper, longer. But remember that it’s always a good idea to discuss any new treatment plans, including mattresses, with your doctor or chiropractor.

Mattresses That Help Seniors Sleep Better

As we age, circulation gets weaker, meaning that you may find you experience pins and needles in your arms, hands, legs or feet during the night. But with the alignment and support of the PlushBeds PosturePlus Memory Foam Mattress, you may find your circulation is improved, since pressure points are reduced.

The Reverie 9T premium adjustable foundation also allows you to raise or lower the foot and bed to increase circulation or reduce pressure. If your muscles need a little help relaxing, this foundation also includes massage.

Split king models are available if you need a bed that accommodates the needs of two people. 

Mattress Pros

  • Fewer pressure points to impede circulation.
  • Adjustable bed helps you change your position and increase circulation throughout the night.
  • The king premium adjustable base is great for people who share a bed.

Mattress Cons

  • May be priced outside the budget of some shoppers.

The Leesa Legend Mattress can help relieve back pain so you wake up more refreshed. By combining an innerspring mattress with the customized contouring of memory foam, the Leesa Legend mattress is able to offer advanced pressure relief.

Because the Leesa Legend also provides targeted, edge-to-edge support, you’ll experience firm support no matter if you’re in the middle or on the edge of the mattress. And edge-to-edge support also makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Seniors with back pain need more support and flexibility to sleep comfortably. By pairing the Leesa Legend with Leesa’s adjustable, reversible hybrid pillows, senior sleepers will be able to create a customized experience that keeps their neck and spine aligned. These pillows have removable inserts and two-sided comfort that allows you to choose whether you want to sleep on a firm, cool-to-the-touch gel layer or a down-like, quilted feel (with no fluffing required.)

Mattress Pros

  • Edge-to-edge support makes it easy to get out of bed.
  • Firm support for the spine, even for heavyweight sleepers.
  • A flexible pillow provides comfort and neck support.

Mattress Cons

  • This mattress can weigh up to 142 pounds, so you may need help with unpacking and setup.
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Sleep apnea is more common in seniors, and it can progress into a dangerous condition. When people with sleep apnea rest flat, the condition often worsens. Elevating the head and shoulder, or even sleeping in a semi-upright condition, is often recommended.

That’s why the Nolah 10 Original 10 Airform Mattress with an Adjustable Base with Massage is a good choice for people who suffer from sleep apnea. This mattress has all the support and comfortable contouring you expect from a high-quality memory foam mattress, but at just 10 inches tall, it’s a little more flexible than thicker mattresses, making it ideal for use on an adjustable base.

The Nolah Adjustable Base helps elevate your head and shoulders to alleviate or even eliminate the symptoms of sleep apnea. This base also includes a head and foot massage feature and the ability to achieve a weightless Zero-G position, which may help you sleep better, longer. 

Mattress Pros

  • Alleviates sleep apnea symptoms.
  • Excellent pressure point relief.
  • An adjustable platform with massage features.

Mattress Cons

  • The 10-inch-tall mattress might not be the best choice for heavyweight sleepers.

As people age, they develop allergies or sensitivities that didn’t exist in their youth. Even mild scents or fumes can set off serious allergic reactions, which can include sneezing, congestion, eye irritation and even problems breathing.

That’s why seniors with allergies should be careful to choose an all-natural mattress that doesn’t use chemicals or emit fumes.

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress is made with a natural latex top layer for comfort, while the advanced, pressure-relieving coils in the second layer offer flexible support. This mattress will keep your back aligned while offering contoured relief at pressure points. 

Topped with naturally cooling wool, this eco-friendly option is good for people with allergies. Eco Terra uses only certified organic wools and cottons. It alsopromises no toxins, chemicals and polyurethane.

Mattress Pros

  • The all-natural composition may be helpful for people with allergies to petrochemicals.
  • The hybrid latex-coil construction provides support and contouring comfort to facilitate better sleep.
  • This is an affordable mattress.

Mattress Cons

  • May be too firm for especially sensitive joints.
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