Best Mattress for Neck Pain

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  • Great affordable comfort

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What Is the Best Mattress for Neck Pain? 

Neck pain is a common complaint that eventually bothers about 70 percent of people. A sore neck can also be a symptom of arthritis, nerve issues or even bone disorders. If you’re unsure why you’re experiencing neck pain, be sure to see a doctor.

Like many categories of discomfort, neck pain may also be caused by muscle overexertion, improper exercise or stress. But the most common cause of neck pain is sleep issues. That’s why neck pain can often be relieved, or even prevented, with proper sleep support such as a firm mattress and the right pillows. It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor or chiropractor before embarking on new treatments. 

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Choosing the Right Mattress May Eliminate Your Neck Pain

If you aim for eight hours of rest a day, you may spend about a third of your life in bed. No wonder improper sleeping environments can result in neck aches that can last throughout the day. 

If your preferred sleeping position is on your stomach, your neck is turned for hours at a time, which may be straining your neck. For this reason, stomach sleeping is not recommended.

If your pillow doesn’t support your head and neck properly or if you sleep in ways that twist your neck and spine, you may be creating tension in your neck muscles. This may mean you’re going to feel sore in the morning.

While soft pillows and mattresses may feel good for a few hours or even a few nights, over time they will result in additional aches, especially in your neck. This is because keeping your spine, neck and back in a neutral position is the best way to prevent neck soreness or injury.

The Five Best Mattresses for People With Neck Pain

This affordable mattress offers two levels of firmness. The Latex for Less Latex Mattress has a medium side and a firm side. Simply flip your Latex for Less Latex Mattress to the side that best suits your sleep style, weight and spine needs. No matter which side you choose, you will experience soft, buoyant support.

To ensure your neck is supported correctly, make sure your pillow isn’t higher under your head than it is under your neck. The Latex for Less Pillow gently cradles your head and neck to keep your spine in a neutral position. The solid latex delivers exceptional pressure relief in any sleep position. This company uses natural latex in their pillows, so it’s breathable and provides excellent airflow to keep it cool throughout the night. 

Mattress Pros

  • Affordable comfort.
  • Two levels of firmness in a single mattress.
  • Latex pillows cradle the neck with firm support.

Mattress Cons

  • Mattress may be too soft for heavier sleepers.
Puffy Mattress

The Puffy Royal Mattress offers the kind of firm support people with neck pain will appreciate. This premium mattress boasts a multi-directional five-layer system for enhanced neck and spine support. The five zones support your head, neck, shoulders and feet with firm comfort, while your lower back gets extra firm support for optimal pressure relief.

Puffy pillows are designed to help avoid neck pain and stay cool and comfortable. These pillows provide adjustable comfort because they come with an inner sleeve. You may add or remove foam to the sleeve to find the support that is just right for your neck. The Puffy Pillow comes with a Cooling Cloud cover made with a blend of bamboo rayon. Because of this exceptional breathability, the Puffy Pillow’s cover is cool to the touch.

Mattress Pros

  • Zoned support helps keep your neck and spine aligned.
  • Adjustable pillows help keep your neck and head cradled to reduce morning pain.
  • Both the mattress and the pillows provide a cooling layer to minimize tossing and turning at night.

Mattress Cons

  • This is a premium mattress with premium pillows. The price might not be within your budget. 
Leesa Hybrid Mattress - side view - Bed Tester

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is an excellent choice for reducing nighttime neck pain. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress combines premium foams with coiled springs for exceptional pressure relief. Because of the coils, this is a foam bed that can provide edge-to-edge support. The combination of comfort and contouring helps you keep your neck and spine aligned all night long.

Leesa Hybrid Pillows offer the sleeper a choice of two pillows. This pillow includes a removable insert to customize firmness and size. A gel layer combined with chilling fibers ensure the pillow stays cool, while the quilted side stays puffy. No fluffing required.

Mattress Pros

  • More support for heavyweight sleepers.
  • Coils provide more structure for edge-to-edge support.
  • Pillows can be adjusted for perfect neck alignment.

Mattress Cons

  • The pillows are too substantial for some sleeping styles.

While sleeping flat and perfectly aligned will help reduce neck pain, it’s not possible for people with sinus issues, sleep apnea or strong snorers. If you need to prop your head and shoulders up as you sleep, don’t rely on side sleeping and piles of pillows. Invest in the Nolah Original 10 Airform Mattress with an Adjustable Base with Massage. This mattress has all the support and comfortable contouring you expect from a high-quality memory foam mattress.

This Nolah mattress is a bit thinner than other models at 10 inches tall. But its height makes it more flexible when used with the adjustable base. The Nolah Adjustable Base not only allows you to elevate your head without twisting your neck and spine but offers a head and foot massage feature plus the ability to achieve a weightless Zero-G position.

Mattress Pros

  • Good value.
  • A great combination of spine support and pressure relief.
  • The premium adjustable base allows for proper neck placement without aggravating other sleep conditions.

Mattress Cons

  • The 10-inch mattress choice may not bring enough support for heavyweight sleepers.

Loom & Leaf’s Relaxed Firm Mattress provides the right amount of support and contouring comfort to keep your neck and spine aligned. With four layers of support and comfort, even sleepers who tend to get stiff necks will find that they get a better night’s rest with this Loom & Leaf mattress.

Some sleepers, however, can’t lie flat at night due to sleep apnea, snoring or sinus issues. These people should combine the Relaxed Firm Mattress with the advantages of the Adjustable Lineal Base. This remote-controlled base allows the sleeper to raise the head and reduce the severity of respiration issues. The whisper-soft motor also provides three speeds of massage that can be used as a full-body massage or limited just to neck or legs.

Best mattress for fibromyalgia - Loom & Leaf Mattress - outside -

Mattress Pros

  • Strong support will keep your neck and spine aligned.
  • The adjustable base can provide better sleep for snorers, people with sinus issues or people with sleep apnea.
  • The base offers neck massage to relax sore muscles.

Mattress Cons

  • Extra features come at a price. This may not be the best choice for budget shoppers.
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