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Purple Mattress

“What makes the Puffy mattress different than purple (new and lux) and which will you like better?”

Newer mattresses with body-conforming foam designs are a current choice for many people who haven’t purchased a mattress in the last five to 10 years. Modern technology and design has helped companies develop mattresses that seem more “space age” than down to earth. Comparing the Puffy Lux Mattress to the New Purple® Mattress clearly shows these advancements.

Let’s compare two of the popular mattresses available online today: Puffy and Purple mattresses. Both feel similar to a memory foam mattress, but also have some serious improvements over a traditional mattress.


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Mattress Type

Plush Cloud Foam

Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™


6-8 (Medium)

Firm, Medium, or Soft




Weight /Queen

75 lbs

Up to 168 lbs



1st Layer

3" Cooling Cloud Gel Foam

2", 3", or 4" Hyper-Elastic Polymer™

2nd Layer

Plush Dual Cloud Layer

1" 2.0 lbs Density Polyurethane Foam

3rd Layer



Base Layer

7" Firm Core Support Foam

7.5" Responsive Support Coils

Other Features

CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
Donations To Children In Need
Made in USA

CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
Polyester Fire Retardant
Made in USA







Trial Period

101 Nights

365 Nights





$200 Off

Free Pillow or Free Bed Sheets

Reviews of Puffy and Purple Mattresses

Puffy and Purple are both reputable box mattress brands. Take a look at the product reviews below to get a better idea of what sleepers have to say about these memorable mattresses.

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Key Comparisons for Puffy Vs Purple

It’s almost too much fun, and too relaxing, comparing the Puffy Lux Mattress and The New Purple Mattress. Each has quality features that provide a relaxing sleep with personal comfort in mind with every step of modern design. They both seem to offer a nice blend of medium firmness and pressure relief, too.

Materials & Durability: Purple Mattress Vs Puffy

Most of the latest and greatest mattresses will have some overlap in design and materials. Hey, somewhere, someone saw something and decided to create a similar version of a mattress they liked. It actually helps consumers because a standard mattress ordered online will feel more like a customized personal option once it arrives.

Breathable foam is front-and-center as a keystone material with new mattresses. Puffy and Purple both employ CertiPUR-US foam that is free of harmful chemicals. Traditional foam manufacturing yields unhealthy levels of formaldehyde or even heavy metals such as lead or mercury. It’s amazing these toxins are still anywhere near mattresses. CertiPUR-US foam is environmentally friendly which is good, but I really like that it keeps toxins out of my bedroom.

Foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses are also great for those who sleep hot. The foam layers seem to circulate better than some traditional mattresses.

Durability is going to lean toward Purple over Puffy simply because Purple has been around longer as a company designing comfort materials. The company even has their signature Purple Grid that makes the mattress feel both squishy and firm, perfect for people who want a mattress of medium firmness.

Each of these mattresses is new to the market within the past few years, so long-term durability ratings are yet to be seen. Buyer reviews are showing both mattresses delivering solid performance over months of use, which is promising.

Puffy Lux

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Puffy Lux has four main layers that add up to a 12-inch thick foam mattress. The top layer is the Cooling Cloud gel-infused foam designed to increase airflow around the body while sleeping. Puffy describes the convection and conduction technology of this four-inch thick foam as an innovative method of pushing heat away from your body. Exactly how much airflow increases has yet to be verified compared to a traditional mattress, but Puffy has plenty of reviews swearing by the “cooler” aspect of this mattress.

Sandwiched in the middle of the mattress are the Climate Comfort Foam and Plush Dual Cloud Layers. These help your body feel cool when the air is warm and warm when the air is cool. The layers add stability when you’re moving around on the bed and support pressure points to aid relaxation.

Puffy’s base layer is a seven-inch thick Firm Core support foam designed to outperform other foam mattresses sold online. Puffy touts the strength and durability of its base layer and believes you won’t have to worry about finding your sweet spot of comfort on your new mattress.

The stretch-knit cover wraps around all layers of the mattress and is stain-resistant. The cover easily unzips for removal and machine washing as needed.

The New Purple® Mattress

the new purple mattress reinvented vs puffy lux mattress review bedtester

The New Purple Mattress is an advanced reinvention of the Original Purple Mattress that jumped into the marketplace a half decade ago. Depending on comfort level ordered – firm, medium, or soft – Purple will range in thickness from 9.5 to 11.5 inches. Multiple layers and the proprietary materials make this mattress heavier than most foam mattresses. By comparison, Puffy weighs 75 pounds for a queen size versus 168 pounds the same size Purple.

Cooling technology gains high marks for Purple with its Smart Comfort Grid™ that dissipates body heat by stimulating air flow from its high-tech design straight from the minds of the creators. This Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ layer ranges in two, three, or four-inch thicknesses from firm (two inches) to soft (four inches) with medium (three inches) rounding things out.

Much of the weight falls in the 7.5-inch base layer of responsive support coils that help support varying sleep patterns. These coils are encased in fabric and designed to adjust in unison with your body movements.

An interesting twist to the mattress cover is that its knitted design is fire retardant without using any chemical treatment. Spot cleaning with mild detergent keeps the cover looking nice.

Sleeping Positions: Puffy Lux and Purple Mattress Comparison

It’s always amusing to me that mattress companies stereotype sleeping positions for everyone as either back, belly, or side. Just watch an online video of different people sleeping through the night and it appears anything as simple as three positions. I’m not sure how people contort into wild sleeping positions, but we’ll stick to industry descriptions for comparison.

Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy designed the Lux to support all types of sleepers, including those that wander all over the bed throughout the night (combination sleepers) or hang limbs off the edge of the bed. Puffy claims that the Lux helps lessens back and joint pain by removing pressure points while also aiding in blood circulation. The firmness of the mattress can also support natural spine alignment and boost energy levels.

puffy mattress review

Puffy’s firmness may not hold up with folks carrying more than 230 pounds of body weight. Otherwise, sleepers may toss and turn less, as the mattress adjusts to body weight. Because of this, it seems that the mattress is better for lightweight sleepers and average weight sleepers than heavy sleepers.

Purple Mattresses

The option to choose firmness – soft, medium, firm – in the Purple mattress is a bonus for anyone not fitting into standard back, belly, or side stereotypes. Being able to choose a more supportive mattress makes all the difference for some folks! Purple touts its latest design as “engineered for every body.” The science behind Purple allows it to adjust as your body moves to lessen pressure points. Sleeping on Purple is similar to cuddling with a cool pillow (again, perfect for hot sleepers). Getting to choose your perfect level of firmness, staying cool, and great pressure relief? What a great choice!

buying new mattress online

Purple is a heavyweight among foam mattresses at more than 100 pounds. This added weight allows the company to claim its mattress will support a single sleeper weighing in up to 600 pounds. Anyone lighter than that should enjoy varying levels of comfort.

Both the Puffy Lux mattress and the Purple Mattress are great for the following sleeper types:

  • Side sleepers
  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Combination sleepers

Body Contouring: Puffy vs Purple Mattress Comparison

There's no way around it: how your mattress contours to your body is very important. It's also quite subjective by person, as some people like a medium firm mattress that cradles their body more than others. Others want a better support layer that offers pressure relief.

Puffy Mattress

Puffy rates its mattress as a “medium firm” comfort level that matches medical recommendations for support and cushioning. This “sweet spot” of support is bolstered by Puffy’s unique foam material that adapts to your body as it moves around while sleeping. The firmness – which comes from the combination of the base layer and gel-infused upper foam – helps properly align your spine, regardless of your body shape.

The New Purple Mattress

The latest Purple mattress offers three levels of firmness – soft, medium, firm – as it improves on more than 20 years of mattress technology used in medical beds. Purple refers to its comfort-inducing patented foam material as “amazing” in stopping painful pressure points while aligning your spine while sleeping. Purple is heralded by purchases for its ability to cradle your body for stress-relieving sleep and great pressure relief.

Edge Support: Puffy Vs Purple Mattress

Another factor to consider as you choose your mattress is edge support. What is edge support? You may not have known there was a word for it, but I've bet you've noticed it! Edge support is the reinforcement that goes into the perimeter of your mattress. It can make a big difference in how it feels to climb in and out of bed.

Puffy Mattresses

All in all, the Puffy mattress offers solid edge support. When you sit on the edge of the mattress, it will sink in a little bit, but this is fairly normal, all things considered. It offers enough edge support for light and average weight sleepers. Heavier sleepers may need to consider a more traditional mattress, like one with pocketed coils.

Purple Mattresses

If you want good edge support, note that Purple mattresses have a ridge of foam around the top layer. Their signature Purple Grid doesn't extend all the way to the edge of the mattress. Like the Puffy mattress, it offers overall decent support for lightweight and medium weight sleepers. Heavy sleepers may need to consider a mattress that offers more support.

Motion Transfer: Purple and Puffy Mattresses

If you're in the market for a new mattress, make sure you take a look at the motion transfer of your Puffy mattress or purple bed. Motion transfer is how movement is passed from one section of your mattress to another part of it. This is an especially important factor if you share a bed with someone! High motion transfer means that your entire mattress will move if there's any movement on one part of the mattress. Low motion transfer means that any movement will be isolated from the rest of it.

Puffy Mattress

Good news: the puffy mattress does a great job and minimizes motion transfer. It acts like a traditional foam mattress, so there's very little bounce on the rest of the mattress. However, heavy sleepers will find that there is more motion than lightweight sleepers.

Purple Mattress

The Purple Hybrid mattress and Purple Original mattress offer decent motion isolation, especially on their larger mattresses. Normally coil mattresses are a little too bouncy, but Purple's mattress construction means that coils are wrapped and have foam around them to help reduce motion transfer.

Sleep Accessories: Purple Mattress Comparison Puffy

Did you know you can order both the Puffy mattress and the Purple mattress with sleep accessories? Both groups offer other bedroom comfort products beyond just mattresses. While not necessary, I thought we might as well include them if picking up additional products means you'd prefer a one stop shop when buying a mattress.


Puffy offers memory foam dog beds and the Puffy rug, a high pile area rug that's extra soft. You can also find all the bedding you need on their site including memory foam pillows, comforters, sheets, blankets, mattress pads, and mattress toppers. If you're looking for a breathable cover, consider picking one up from Puffy.


Purple also offers sheets, duvets, mattress protectors, and even pajamas! If you like their Purple Grid in the mattress, you can find similar technology in their cushions. These cushions are great for things like office chairs since they add more pressure relief. Their pet beds also feature the Purple Grid technology, which has a feel similar to traditional memory foam.

Comfort Commitment: Puffy and Purple Mattress Models

Buying a mattress is considered an eight-year commitment which is frankly, longer than most marriages today. No one seeks to break up with that special someone, and mattress companies don’t want you ditching them for the next spooning-friendly competitor.

To keep you vested in their mattresses (without a pre-nuptial agreement), Puffy and Purple offer assurances you’ll love what they’re selling.

The trial period after purchase from Puffy is 101 nights compared to 100 nights for Purple. Both have warranties, but Puffy excels here with a lifetime warranty versus the 10-year warranty from Purple. And if that first few nights on either mattress is a total flop, both Puffy and Purple offer free shipping to you and free shipping for returns. It's nice to have this extra security!

For many buyers, it’s also important that both mattresses are made in the U.S.A.

Delivery: Puffy vs Purple

Puffy is faster on delivery, saying your mattress can arrive in five business days versus Purple which estimates three to four weeks for home delivery.

Puffy Vs Purple Reviews: The Bottom Line

Whether you're made it through all this information about a Puffy or Purple mattress or you just scrolled to the bottom to get the point, here are our final thoughts: both these mattresses are amazing options. That being said, there are couple of differences to consider as you make your pick.

Purple Mattress Overview

Purple offers more options on the mattress firmness scale, giving you more flexibility when it comes to how your mattress feels. It offers great cushioning and pressure relief thanks to a cushy comfort layer. It's great for all sleeping positions, including stomach sleepers and back and side sleepers. It may, however, not be best for heavy sleepers since the edges may not be strong enough for those on the heavier side. The motion transfer will also be greater if you aren't light to medium weight.

Puffy Mattress Overview

A medium firm mattress, Puffy is a bit more of a newcomer to the mattress scene. That being said, they're making waves! Their mattress is great for supporting your spine and joints while you sleep, and it doesn't matter if you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. The mattress is best for those who are light or average weight sleepers. Edge support and motion transfer will not be optimum if you're on the heavier side.

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