Puffy Lux Mattress vs. Original Puffy Mattress for Scoliosis Relief

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  • Ergonomic zones for support in key areas
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Scoliosis is a condition commonly known as curvature of the spine. It usually develops right before puberty, but some children are born with it. It can also develop in adulthood as part of the degenerative process.

Curvature of the spine can also be brought on by conditions like cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. It can occur in individuals who play guitar or carry things on one side of the body on a regular basis.

When scoliosis develops in childhood, it is not typically painful, but it can cause the following symptoms:

  • Hips that are not centered or sit at an angle
  • An uncentered head
  • One shoulder blade higher than the other
  • Visibly curved spine
  • Poor posture

When scoliosis develops later in life, it may be painful. It may lead to lower back pain, stiffness and fatigue.

Scoliosis pain may go away if the condition is diagnosed early on and treated quickly. If it is not taken care of, it can cause damage in the nerves, muscles and tissues. Damage may be long term or even permanent.

How Do You Treat Scoliosis?

If you are diagnosed with scoliosis, your doctor may recommend a variety of treatments which include the following:

  • Massage
  • Physical therapy exercises
  • The wearing of a brace
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Medication for pain relief
  • Spinal injections for pain relief
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation for pain

Your doctor may also recommend sleeping on a certain type of mattress. The right mattress will hold your spine in line to reduce further curvature and minimize pain.

Puffy has different mattresses that are recommended for the reduction of chronic pain symptoms in people with scoliosis and other conditions. This article will look at the Puffy Original and Lux mattresses so you can decide which is best for you. 

Puffy Original vs. Puffy Lux

Let’s start by taking a look at what both mattresses offer in terms of spinal support.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a polyurethane material that conforms to your body as you sleep. It provides a cradling effect that supports you when you are in your most comfortable sleeping position. In doing so, it holds the spine in place to minimize further curvature and reduce pain.

Scoliosis is often associated with abnormal posture. The memory foam material encourages good posture that helps correct curvature. It holds you in a proper posture position as you sleep. In time, your body becomes used to that position, so you are more likely to maintain it throughout the day.

Memory foam also reduces tossing and turning. When you toss and turn you can get into a painful position that causes you to wake up at night and stay up. When you get up the next day, that pain may continue, and you will be fatigued from a poor night’s sleep.

Memory foam keeps you comfortable through the night, so you are less likely to change positions and more likely to get the healing sleep you need.

Cooling Features

Both the Puffy Original and Lux mattresses offer cooling features.

Research shows that it is difficult for the body to produce melatonin when the temperature rises above 70 degrees. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body that helps you get to sleep and stay asleep.

The cooling properties of a Puffy mattress means it will keep temperatures low, so you get the restful, healing sleep you need.

Research has shown that individuals that sleep at cooler temperatures are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. The cooling effect boosts metabolism making it more effective in burning calories.

Excess weight can worsen symptoms of scoliosis. It puts more pressure on the back making the curvature more pronounced and increasing pain.

A cooling mattress reduces weight gain, so scoliosis is easier to deal with.

What Sets the Puffy Lux Mattress Apart

Both the Original and the Lux mattress are beneficial in reducing scoliosis symptoms, but the Lux has features that put it over the top. Here are some to consider.

Perfect Balance Between Firmness and Comfort

When you have a back condition, you need a mattress that is not too firm and not too soft.

While the Original has a great medium firm base, the Lux has an extra layer called the Plush Dual Cloud layer. It offers increased contouring, and it enhances spinal support. Its body adapting technology will provide you with the ultimate in pain free relaxation.

Ergonomic Coils

If you opt for the Lux Hybrid model, you will get the added benefit of ergonomic zones. These are coils located throughout the mattress that are meant to provide support at pressure points throughout the body.

The effect is similar to that of a massage or acupuncture. It targets parts of the body that are likely to be the source of pain and provides soothing relief.


The Lux is Puffy’s mid-range mattress. It ranks between the Original and the Royal Puffy in terms of cost and the features it offers.

It may be more expensive than the original, but its benefits make it a worthwhile investment. If you suffer with scoliosis pain, the Puffy Lux can improve your quality of life and save you on the time and money you may spend at a doctor’s office.

Other Features

In addition to offering scoliosis pain relief, both the Original and Lux mattresses offer the following features:

  • 101 night sleep trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable construction made in the USA
  • Free shipping
  • Can be placed on any surface
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all sleep types
  • Stain resistant cover (available with the Lux mattress only)
  • Fully refundable
  • Customer service reps available to deal with all questions and concerns
  • Caring company: Puffy donates part of its profits to helping children in need of a bed

Scoliosis can greatly reduce quality of life. It’s time to take action against your pain.

Visit the Puffy website to start your 101 night sleep trial and find out how much better your life can be when you make the switch. You will be amazed at what a difference a mattress can make.

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  • Proper Body Support
  • Enhanced Spinal Alignment
  • Total Pressure Relief

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