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The process of buying a mattress has changed over the past few years, with more and more options now available on the internet. If you're going to buy a bed from the internet, you need to do your homework to make sure that it's the right fit now and years down the road.

Two of the options you’re likely to find when browsing online are Ecosa and Tuft & Needle. In this article, we’re offering a brand comparison featuring Ecosa vs. Tuft & Needle mattresses and accessories. After reading this Ecosa vs. Tuft & Needle brand comparison, you should feel much more comfortable making your purchase, especially when it comes to the companies' mattresses.


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Mattress Type

The Ecosa Mattress

The T&N Original Mattress and The Mint Mattress


CertiPUR-US-certified and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 foam.
Made in China.

Price for Queen


$595 (T&N Original Mattress), $995 (Mint Mattress)




Trial Period

100 days

100 days


15 years

10 years



In crafting our Ecosa vs. Tuft & Needle review, the first thing we wanted to do was look at how other customers rated the product.

Ecosa manufacturers The Ecosa Mattress and The Ecosa Pillow. Ecosa customers are overwhelmingly delighted with their purchases. More than 10,000 customers have reviewed their purchases on the company's website, with 86 percent of customers giving their product a five-star rating. Customers raved about how supportive their mattress is. Some mentioned that there was an adjustment period when using the mattress but that, after the initial adjustment, the bed is quite comfortable.

Tuft & Needle has matured into a complete bedroom company, producing The T&N Original Mattress and The Mint Mattress. It also sells bedding such as a pillow, mattress protectors and toppers, sheets, covers, bed frames and foundations. Tuft & Needle even sells a reimagined bean bag, boasting memory foam shards.

On its website, Tuft & Needle does not use a star system when customers rate their purchases. Instead, the company asks its customers: “How likely are you to recommend Tuft & Needle to a friend? Why did you pick that number?” The company then allows customers to choose a number between one and ten. At the time of this Tuft & Needle mattress review, more than 69,000 people have rated company products, with more than 70 percent giving their purchases a 10.

Tuft & Needle customers seem to be quite impressed with how comfortable their mattress is, with some saying their mattress eliminated their pain within the first couple of nights of use. Customers were also impressed by Tuft & Needle’s customer service.

On a popular shopping website, Tuft & Needle's first mattress, The T&N Original Mattress, has earned five-star ratings from three-quarters of shoppers.

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Materials & Durability

Key things to consider when buying a mattress are the type of materials a manufacturer uses and whether a mattress is durably built, making for a lasting investment. Many want to know whether their new mattress will stand the test of time and thousands of nights of sleep.


Ecosa claims it "reinvented memory foam technology to bring a sleep experience like no other." This memory foam bed comes with different layers. The first layer is the G-7 Gel Memory Foam. Ecosa advertises that there are gel particles in this memory foam that help provide temperature stabilization. This layer is encased with a removable, washable cover that helps stimulate airflow.

The next layer is Eco-Tex Memory Foam, which features open-cell technology. The company likens this to “bouncy latex,” although it says that it is more durable and breathable. The next layer is the Waterproof Inner Cover, complete with German micro-filament technology. This cover keeps water, bed bugs and dust mites out of your mattress. 

The last layer of the Ecosa mattress is Ergonomic Support Foam. The company designed this foam so there is no partner disturbance in the middle of the night and so it supports all of your pressure points, no matter how you sleep.

The Ecosa Mattress has a firmness rating of 6 to 8, with 10 being very firm. A queen-size model weighs in at 77 pounds.

You can use an Ecosa mattress on a variety of surfaces, including on a floor, on a box spring, on a slatted base or on an adjustable base.

Ecosa Vs. Tuft & Needle - Ecosa Mattress -

Ecosa vs. Tuft & Needle: The foam layers in the Ecosa Mattress can be repositioned, changing the softness and firmness of the bed. Tuft & Needle offers two kinds of mattresses, with slightly different levels of firmness.

Tuft & Needle's The T&N Original Mattress is constructed with two layers. The top layer contains 3 inches of T&N adaptive foam, which is a proprietary polyurethane layer, and the base support layer runs 7 inches tall. The top layer is made from graphite and gel, which helps promote enhanced cooling by dispersing heat.

The T&N Original Mattress' cover is made using polyester and micro polyamide, the latter of which is popular in clothing as an alternative to cotton. This mattress cover, resistant to tears and pilling, may be spot-cleaned.

The T&N Original Mattress is rated 6.5 on the firmness scale. A queen-size model of this mattress weighs 72 pounds.

Tuft & Needle's sequel mattress, the Mint Mattress, is taller than The T&N Original Mattress, topping out at 12 inches. It comprises dual layers of T&N adaptive foam along with a base support layer.

The Mint Mattress contains 30 percent more graphite than its predecessor. The company advertises that this additional graphite helps enhance The Mint Mattress' heat dispersion. This cooling effect is made even stronger, thanks to the addition of 30 percent more cooling gel beads, which double in function by offering additional support.

The Mint Mattress' cover is similar to The T&N Original Mattress' cover and is also made from polyester and micro polyamide.

The Mint Mattress is slightly softer, registering a 6 in firmness, compared with Tuft & Needle's first mattress on the market. A queen-size Mint Mattress weighs 80 pounds.

Ecosa Vs. Tuft & Needle - Mint Mattress -

Ecosa vs. Tuft & Needle: Tuft & Needle's Mint Mattress is the second mattress launch from this mover and shaker in the mattress industry.

Other Features

Let's explore what other unique attributes mattresses from Ecosa and Tuft & Needle boast.


Ecosa touts that, because of its firm memory foam, you will never need to flip or rotate the mattress. Additionally, Ecosa mattresses are entirely adjustable. Unlike some memory foam mattresses, which come with all layers encompassed in one shell, Ecosa customers can remove and alter the different layers of foam.

For instance, if you're looking for medium firmness, you should put the G-7 memory foam layer on top. Doing so will allow your body to sink into the mattress evenly without disrupting pressure points. If you would prefer something a tad bit firmer, you should put the Eco-Tex foam layer on top. Doing so will cause the mattress to conform to your body a bit more, supporting your back.

Lastly, if you prefer an ultra-firm mattress, you should put the Ergonomic HD Breathable Support Layer on top. Putting this layer on top will provide your back with the ultimate support. Ecosa designed this mattress to provide its customers with the ultimate in back support, helping your spine find its natural alignment.

Tuft & Needle, meanwhile, took a “less is more” approach with its first mattress: The T&N Original Mattress. Instead of using multiple layers of memory foam, the company focused on only two. Tuft & Needle's marketing materials say: “We have chosen to focus on the quality of the layers instead of the number and refused to include extra layers you can’t feel just so we can charge you more. If the foam doesn’t improve the feel or airflow, you won’t find it in our mattress.”

When it came to making its second mattress, The Mint Mattress, however, Tuft & Needle wedged in another layer of T&N adaptive foam. This mattress took cooling to a new level with the addition of extra graphite and cooling gel beads.

Tuft & Needle claims its mattresses work for sleepers of any size or weight. In fact, the more pressure you put on the mattress, the more it will react to support your body. 

Price, Shipping and Trial Period

The last thing we considered in our Ecosa vs. Tuft & Needle review was the cost of each product and the value that customers receive.

The price of an Ecosa Mattress ranges from $500 for a Twin to $850 for a California king. The company will ship its mattresses for free and reports that they'll arrive in one to seven business days.

Ecosa mattresses come with a 100-day trial. If you determine that this mattress is not the right one for you, the company will pick it up from your home for free. Additionally, customers receive a 15-year warranty on any Ecosa mattress purchase.

Tuft & Needle's The T&N Original Mattress is a bit more affordable than the Ecosa Mattress. A twin-sized Tuft & Needle mattress costs $350, and a Cal king costs $750. The Mint Mattress, however, costs almost twice as much, with twins priced at $595 and Cal king at $1,145.

Tuft & Needle offers free shipping, with beds arriving within three business days.

Like the Ecosa Mattress, Tuft & Needle mattresses come with a 100-day trial. The company offers a money-back guarantee on its beds as well. If you don’t like the bed, you’ll receive a full refund, and the company will donate the mattress to a charity of your choice. Tuft & Needle mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Ecosa Vs. Tuft & Needle Final Thoughts

After completing our Ecosa vs. Tuft & Needle brand comparison, with the spotlight shining brightly on these companies' mattresses, we believe that all three beds are excellent choices. Which one is best for you? The answer probably depends on your needs.

If you value having an adjustable memory foam bed, then you’ll want to go with the Ecosa Mattress. We like that customers are able to change up the different foam layers depending on their size, weight and sleeping preferences. This is a feature that we do not often see when reviewing memory foam mattresses, and it could lead to the ultimate nights' sleep for many sleepers out there.

If you value simplicity and are looking for a mattress with medium firmness, then you’ll want to consider Tuft & Needle's The T&N Original Mattress. The company claims that the mattress will work for those who like soft and firm beds, as the 3-inch high-density foam is quite responsive. We also found that the graphite wicking material in this bed allows it to breathe well.

The Mint Mattress, although more expensive, takes the Tuft & Needle sleep experience up a big notch. It's also important to note that this mattress delivers a better experience for side sleepers and stomach sleepers weighing 130 pounds or less.

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