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leesa mattress


If there is such a person as the “average sleeper,” we discovered two companies that offer mattresses fueling the trend to turn an average sleep experience into a night of buoyant slumber.

Leesa and Casper jumped into the direct-to-consumer marketplace in 2015 and 2014, respectively. These companies offer mattresses and accompanying products primarily through online sales. Comfort, support and an all-night cooling sensation are trademarks of these rival upstarts.

Both companies are neck-and-neck in affordability, so you must decide which of the two companies' products best suits your sleep style. Let’s get started to help you firm up a decision.


leesa mattress
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Mattress Type

The Leesa Mattress and The Leesa Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Mattress (Original and Hybrid), The Wave Mattress (Original and Hybrid) and The Essential Mattress


CertiPUR-US-certified foam,
Made in USA, one donation for every 10 sold

CertiPUR-US-certified foam,
Made in USA

Price for Queen

$1,695 (The Leesa Hybrid Mattress), $995 (The Leesa Mattress)

$2,795 (The Wave Mattress—Hybrid), $2,495 (The Wave Mattress—Original), $1,295 (The Casper Mattress—Hybrid), $1,095 (The Casper Mattress—Original), $595 (The Essential Mattress)




Trial Period

100 Days

100 Days


10 years

10 years





Leesa produces The Leesa Mattress and The Leesa Hybrid Mattress along with pillows, bases and platforms, and a mattress protector. Combined, Leesa mattresses have earned 4.1 stars, with a solid number, 58 percent, of five-star reviews. A fair amount of Leesa customers, however, have doled out 1- and 2-star reviews over reported problems with outgassing, cooling, sagging, lumping and expansion of their mattresses out of the box.

Casper manufactures three mattress models—The Casper Mattress, The Wave Mattress and The Essential Mattress—with the first two models containing hybrid (foam and springs) and original (foam only) options. The company also produces a pillow, frames and bedding such as sheets, a quilt, a duvet and a mattress protector. Casper also sells a nightstand, dog bed, nap pillow and Glow Light, designed to help sleepers unwind with fading light and wake up easily. It's clear Casper is creating a complete bedroom experience.

Leesa and Casper have earned positive customer satisfaction ratings. The majority of customers who purchased the brands' mattresses claim that they have lived up to their expectations. Leesa mattresses and Casper mattresses generally are of high quality.


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Materials & Durability

About a decade ago, rogue innovators decided the traditional, expensive innerspring mattress and the industry’s brick-and-mortar sales process didn’t hack it anymore. Startup mattress companies disrupted the industry by producing foam mattresses at lower prices to sell directly to consumers online.

This disruption in the marketplace created the modern age of convention-fighting trailblazers vying for every piece of online mattress sales real estate. Consumers have benefitted from an array of mattress options in this new age of sleep comfort delivered to their front doors in cardboard boxes.

Leesa and Casper quickly made their mark in this industry makeover. Comfortable mattresses born of bootstrap testing by staffers and a commitment to affordable pricing are their goals. Buyer reviews by the tens of thousands show they’re doing something right as we wait for time to pass judgment on the durability of their products.

The Leesa Mattress adapted the latest foam science to a product designed as a destination for restful sleep. Leesa introduced its multi-layer foam mattress about four years ago after tasking its designers to improve foam manufacturing standards and followed up with The Leesa Hybrid Mattress.

Casper jumped into the already churning online sales fray about the same time with its own multilayer foam mattress. Casper charged into the market determined to be “adored, trusted, acclaimed.” The company put out The Wave and The Essential mattresses, helping propel Casper to the top heights in the mattress industry.

Based in the United States, both companies have expanded their product offerings and market share in the U.S. and abroad. Both have developed more traditional—storefront and large retailer—sales outlets while maintaining a surging online sales presence.

Leesa constructs its The Leesa Mattress mattress using proprietary LSA200 Foam Technology, combining three layers of foam to achieve its enhanced comfort mattress design. At 10 inches thick, the layered mattress is wrapped in a removable, polyester-blend fabric with Egyptian cotton stitching around the edges. Cleaning is as simple as dropping it into the washing machine in cool water on a gentle cycle and hang to dry.

The Leesa Mattress is designed to reduce pressure in the hips and shoulders. This helps relieve "dead-arm sensation," which has plagued many using a foam mattress. The Leesa Mattress stands 10 inches tall and is rated a medium-firmness mattress. Leesa starts its foam stacking with a 6-inch deep dense core foam foundation. This thickness anchors nightly support for all body types and sleep positions. A recovery layer is spread across the base to enhance pressure relief. This 2-inch memory foam minimizes motion transfer while molding the foam around the body. Dubbed the “perfect hug” for restless sleepers, the top comfort layer is constructed from the LSA200 Foam. Leesa scientists designed this 2-inch layer to provide cooler sleep, more responsive bounce, and added pressure relief for side sleepers. A queen-size model weighs 71 pounds.

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is a five-layer mattress, and all these supportive, comforting layers add an additional 44 pounds to a queen-sized mattress compared with The Leesa Mattress. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress, weighing 115 pounds for a queen model, includes a 1-inch core support foam base and 6-inch pocket spring system, featuring perimeter edge support. This edge support is marketed to provide exceptional support while sitting or lying on the edge of the bed. The 6-inch base layer includes 1,000 individually wrapped pocket springs to minimize motion transfer.

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress' next three layers encompass a 1-inch core support foam layer and 1.5-inch contouring memory foam recovery layer along with a cooling premium foam top layer that runs 1.5 inches thick. Overall, The Leesa Hybrid Mattress, also rated for medium-firmness, is 11 inches thick.

Leesa vs. Casper - Leesa Hybrid Mattress - BedTester.com

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress combines memory foam and springs and features limited motion transfer.


Casper's The Casper Mattress comes with four layers of premium foam, delivering on the company's goal of creating comfortable support for sleepers. The top layer is designed to provide that “perfect feel” when sleepers first lay down on the mattress. This 1.5-inch-thick, open-cell foam adds a plush level of comfort with a bit of bounce. The next layer contains 1.5 inches of pressure-relieving memory foam followed by another 2-inch layer of zoned support, providing firmness where needed.

The base layer for The Casper Mattress and The Wave Mattress is 7 inches of either foam or, for those opting for the hybrid model, springs. The spring base layer is resilient and gentle as well as offers enhanced edge support, which helps make it easy to get in and out of a Casper hybrid mattress.

A queen-size model of The Casper Mattress weighs in at 85 pounds for the foam-only model, with the hybrid model tacking on 21 pounds. This mattress is rated for medium-firmness, and its zip-off, hand-sewn cover, touting with a soft cloth feel, is easily removed for machine wash and drying as needed.

Casper's The Wave Mattress is a 13-inch, five-layer mattress starting with the same 7-inch base. A 1.5-inch layer of targeted gel pods support the hips and shoulders, while another 1.5-inch layer of pressure-relieving memory foam provides deep cushion. A breathable latex foam layer is topped by a velvety soft comfort foam layer, also running 1.5 inches high.

The Wave Mattress' claim to fame among Casper models is its ability to provide a cooler sleep, thanks to outstanding temperature regulation and perforations that promote airflow. The Wave Mattress is regarded as the company's most advanced mattress, with its gel pods aligning to the spine to provide an exceptional night's sleep.

The Wave Mattress weighs 109 pounds for a foam-only mattress and 113 pounds for a hybrid mattress, both for the queen size.

Finally, Casper's The Essential Mattress is the company's most affordable mattress. Its three layers start with the standard Casper base layer, followed by a 2-inch pressure-relief foam layer. The 2-inch top layer combines high breathability with softness and bounce. A queen-size model runs 75 pounds.

Leesa vs. Casper - The Wave Mattress - Bed Tester

Casper's The Wave Mattress includes a layer of gel pods to enhance cooling during sleep.

Sleeping Positions

The average sleeper identifies with one or a combination of three sleeping positions: back, stomach or side. Most start in one position, wrestles for comfort throughout the night and settles into a final slumber posture. How your body reacts to the underlying mattress is a significant factor in accomplishing restful slumber.

Leesa and Casper set out to help customers achieve a state of bliss with their technology-enhanced mattresses.

Room to roam is a hallmark of The Leesa Mattress. A solid, multilayered construction adjusts to changes in body position to promote better sleep. A wider range of sleepers will achieve a level of relaxation, thanks to Leesa’s medium-firmness comfort rating. From base to top, The Leesa Mattress' composition delivers comfort, recovery and support to back, stomach and side sleepers of all weight classes. 

The Leesa Mattress' top layer boosts air flow to maintain a cool sleeping environment. Meld this coolness with pressure reduction of the middle layer, and nights of hot, sweaty sleep become a distant dream. Cooler sleep causes fewer restless contortions and calmer slumber for all types of sleepers. The dense-core foam base layer fuels thousands of consumer reviews, stating the mattress delivers relief from pressure points and relieves body aches. Waking up after sleeping soundly through the night is a praise-worthy feat for this mattress.

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress' 1,000-plus pocket springs create a different experience from The Leesa Mattress. These pocket springs are described to offer increased durability, motion isolation and edge support compared with The Leesa Mattress. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress' memory foam recovery layer cradles the body, easing tension on the hips and shoulders, common pressure points on mattresses. The top layer's hole-punched foam promotes outstanding heat circulation.

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress scores high marks overall but doesn't rate as high among side sleepers and stomach sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds. If you're exploring mattress options for small children and adults, this may factor in your decision.


The Casper Mattress, whether in its original foam-only form or hybrid form, presents a unique blend of cushioned softness balanced with fortified support, all the while maintaining a cool feel through the night. The bounciness of old-school innersprings is replicated in The Casper Mattress' top comfort layer.

The next layers, containing pressure-relieving and zoned support memory foam, work to promote whole-body alignment and support. All sleeping positions can benefit from this durable blend of proprietary foams, although stomach sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds might rate their sleep experience to be only fair. Most foam mattresses are derided for leaving sleepers hot, but The Casper Mattress is celebrated for helping keep sleepers feeling cool. It’s a dreamy concoction of comfort for many satisfied customers.

Casper's The Wave Mattress offers luxurious comfort and hyper-targeted support in its five layers, spanning 13 inches. The company claims The Wave Mattress is the best choice for those suffering from aches and pains such as back pain and hip pain, with the layer containing gel pods offering tremendous spinal alignment. This particular mattress has earned endorsement by the American Chiropractic Association.

Many report enjoying very good sleep with The Wave Mattress, in original or hybrid forms, but just like with The Casper Mattress, stomach sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds might not find as much comfort as back and side sleepers in this weight class. The Wave Mattress' hybrid model is said to offer less back support for 230-and-plus-pound sleepers compared with the original model.

Finally, The Casper Essential, considering its price point, shows mixed results across the board, except for back sleepers, who generally report a good sleep experience. Many side sleepers will enjoy The Casper Essential, but light children and adults—those weighing less than 130 pounds—might find the experience only fair. Stomach sleepers, regardless of weight class, would be advised to look for another mattress.

Body Contouring

Every version of memory foam can sculpt itself around a sleeper’s body, but foam has long-standing drawbacks. Foams of the past have the tendency to “sleep hot” while the material hardens or suffers permanent indentations over time.

Leesa and Casper separately addressed these issues by developing proprietary foam formulas and specially layered designs in their mattresses. Cool, comfortable, supportive and durable are the universal catchwords of foam mattress purveyors.

Claims of body contouring must pass muster on all these promises to garner customer validation.

Leesa’s mattresses are hailed for their responsive, supportive memory foam, helping relieve sleepers' pressure points. The company knows the lengthy trial period allows buyers to determine if they can obtain a good night’s sleep without waking up to body aches.

Leesa mattresses' memory foam promotes restful slumber by cradling sleepers as they maintain comfortable positions through the night. This body contouring is aided by foam sections, which individually and collectively allow air to move through and around the mattress. The less the body heats up, the more comfortable the sleep.

Minimized motion transfer, thanks to strong foam in the base and support layers of The Leesa Mattress along with the spring coils and foam layers in The Leesa Hybrid Mattress, keep sleepers resting peacefully. These mattresses create a sleep support system that mirrors the curves of the body to produce a gentle floating sensation while sleeping.


Striving for the perfect sleep experience, Casper quantifies the science behind its mattress design as the fulfillment of that goal. Each element of its mattresses is engineered to provide a body-contouring experience and comfortable rest. Sixty percent of all sleepers polled by the company said they don’t get great quality sleep. Casper’s four-section mattress delivered a solution loved by many tens of thousands of customers.

Sleep comfort from Casper is achieved thanks to highly breathable foam, which is enhanced for support. All the company's mattresses offer motion-isolating features and allow hot air to escape, creating a comfortable, cool sleeping experience.

Casper's hybrid models of its The Casper Mattress and The Wave Mattress offer enhanced lift and body support as well as edge support, thanks to the addition of steel springs. These springs may increase the durability of the hybrid mattresses.

Comfort Commitment

Leesa and Casper each launched quickly into the stratosphere with sky-high numbers of online mattress sales. Each company has achieved industry-disrupting levels of satisfied, loyal customers and accolades from industry watchers.

Both offer the opportunity to enjoy 100 nights of sleep during an in-home trial period with a no-obligation, money-back guarantee. Leesa and Casper mattresses are made in the United States. Leesa and Casper stand by their well-produced mattresses with 10-year warranties.

Shipping takes just a handful of business days for both companies, and shipping is free on purchases and returns. Your new mattress arrives in a ready-to-open box.

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