Mattress Comparisons: Types of Saatva Mattresses

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Saatva is a company with an eco-friendly focus on designing and crafting the highest quality products for the best sleep experience possible. From recycled and organic materials to crafting mattresses with less waste, Saatva balances its eco-conscious passion with durable and comfy beds consumers love.

Among the top-rated mattresses for sale online, Saatva holds some high rankings. Because the brand offers a range of mattress styles and options at varying price points, there’s a Saatva to suit every sleep need.

From Saatva Classic to Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven, we have the details on all types of Saatva mattresses and how they stack up. Each line is unique, with features favoring certain types of sleepers, but all are high quality and feature packed, making these some of the best mattresses for a range of consumers.


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Mattress Type

Double Layer Innerspring

Memory Foam



3-8 (Soft to Firm)

5-8 (Relaxed Firm to Firm)

4-8 (Luxury Plush to Gentle Firm)





Weight /Queen

120 lbs

184 lbs

184 lbs


Organic Cotton Cover

1st Layer

Euro Pillow Top

Cooling Spinal Gel

Organic Flame Retardant Wool

2nd Layer

Lumbar Enhancing Memory Foam

Premium Foam

5-Zone Latex Comfort Layer

3rd Layer

Wrapped Comfort Coils

Dual Layer Breathable Support

Latex Support Cores

Base Layer

Tempered Steel Coils

5.5” Support Base

NA; Dual Firmness on Either Side

Other Features

CertiPUR-US Certified Foams
Antimicrobial Treated Fabric
Made in USA

Eco-Friendly Foams
Thistle Flame Retardant
Made in USA

Naturally Flame
Retardant Wool Layer
All-Natural Latex
Made in USA






Free White Glove

Free White Glove

Free White Glove

Trial Period

120 Nights

120 Nights

120 Nights


15 Years

15 Years

20 Years





How Saatva Mattresses Are Made

All Saatva mattresses are made in the U.S. and Canada and don’t have to travel far to reach your bedroom. Though the company focuses on high-quality craftsmanship across all its mattress selections, each has a variety of materials and layers for comfort and more.


All Saatva mattresses have organic cotton covers, but the styling does vary. Saatva Classic mattresses include euro pillow tops with more cushioning than standard pillow tops. The fabric also contains Guardin botanical antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria growth and keep your mattress fresh.

The Loom & Leaf mattress incorporates an organic cotton cover with natural thistle flame retardant into the top layer of its design. Zenhaven mattress covers are also quilted organic cotton.

Top Layer

A Classic Saatva mattress’s top layer involves lumbar support enhancement; high-quality memory foam delivers pressure relief and helps ease the tension in your lower back. Loom & Leaf’s top layer is a cooling spinal gel for both heat reduction and back support throughout the night.

Each Zenhaven mattress uses an organic wool layer underneath the organic top cover. 100 percent organic New Zealand wool is flame-retardant and breathable, plus helps wick moisture away while you sleep.

Middle Layer

Saatva Classic mattresses incorporate individually wrapped comfort coils into the middle layer of the bed. Coils contour to your body shape and the wrapping ensures a comfortable and responsive surface—without too much motion transfer.

In Loom & Leaf’s middle layer is eco-friendly, premium foam with no off-gassing, which ensures comfortable and spring-free sleep. Every Zenhaven has a latex core, including a latex comfort layer with firm support and spinal alignment features.

Bottom Layer

On the bottom of each Saatva is a steel coil base support system that uses tempered steel for durability. Firm anti-sag support also helps the mattress keep its shape over the years.

Breathable dual-layer materials make up the bottom layer of the Loom & Leaf mattress, with airflow channels for cooling and support.

Like the rest of the mattress, Zenhaven’s bottom layer includes more latex, this time in the form of a support core with 100 percent Talalay latex.


Firmness options on the Saatva Classic include Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. The brand’s flagship level is Luxury Firm, which Saatva relates to “fine hotel” firmness with cushioning and firm support. On the firmness scale, Saatva Luxury Firm is about a 5-6, Plush Soft is about a 3, and Firm is an 8.

Loom & Leaf beds range from 5 to 8 on the Saatva firmness scale; L&L Relaxed Firm is “just right,” while L&L Firm is a “very firm” option.

Zenhaven mattresses come in either Luxury Plush or Gentle Firm options, with most customers choosing Luxury Plush. Luxury Plush ranks at around a 4-5 on the firmness scale, while the Gentle Firm is about a 7-8. What’s unique about Zenhaven is you get both firmness levels in each bed. The mattresses are flappable; simply flip over your mattress for the alternate firmness level.

Motion Isolation

Saatva Classic beds are a bit bouncier because of the coils, which translates into a lower level of motion isolation than the Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven options. Still, the individually wrapped coils help prevent motion transfer better than traditional innerspring mattresses.

With latex (Zenhaven) and memory foam (Loom & Leaf), Saatva’s other two brands deliver better motion isolation overall.


All three of Saatva’s mattress types feature cooling, but each goes about it differently. Classic mattresses utilize separate coils and eco foam for breathability. Loom & Leaf beds incorporate cooling gel technology in the spinal area of the mattress, but the gel is also part of the top memory foam layer for even better cooling action.

Zenhaven’s unique latex construction allows for air to circulate throughout the open cells, helping you sleep cooler than with other latex mattresses.

Sales & Shipping

Saatva delivers all its mattresses for free and sets them up with free White Glove delivery (which also includes removal of your old mattress). Factories are in the U.S. and Canada, and Saatva highlights that their mattresses usually travel around 100 miles to get to your home.

Trial Period & Warranty

Saatva provides customers with a 120-day home trial for all three of their mattress brands. Trials begin on the delivery date (not order date), and if you decide to return the bed during the period, you pay only a $99 transportation cost. You will receive a refund on the rest of the order, including any bedding or other products you return.

Mattress warranties cover the lifetime of your bed (typically between 10 and 15 years). Saatva offers comprehensive warranty coverage on all its mattresses.

Mattress Reviews

Loom & Leaf

Ultra-premium memory foam and cooling gel keep you comfortable and temperature-controlled all night with the Loom & Leaf mattress. Eco-friendly and green materials, including natural thistle flame retardant and an organic cotton cover, make the Loom & Leaf a forward-thinking and supremely comfortable memory foam mattress.


  • Cooling gel
  • Breathable
  • Mattress can be flipped for different firmness


  • Only firmer options (no plush)

Best for those who sleep warm, side sleepers.


With environmentally conscious and nontoxic Talalay latex, breathable and moisture-wicking wool layers, and an organic cotton cover, Zenhaven is the most eco-conscious and allergy-friendly of all the Saatva luxury mattresses. Hypoallergenic components, weightless sleep support, and breathable open-cell latex help consumers sleep comfortably and coolly.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Healthy and organic
  • Mattress can be flipped for different firmness


  • Single mattress only

Best for side and stomach sleepers, those with allergies

Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic is a luxury innerspring mattress with individually wrapped comfort coils, edge support, lumbar support, a steel coil base, and an organic cotton cover and plush euro pillow top. It’s ideal for those who love traditional memory foam bounce and support but want a supportive and pressure-reducing sleep surface.


  • Lumbar support
  • Varying firmness options


  • No cooling gel/channels

Best for heavy people (Luxury Firm), side sleepers (Plush Soft), and stomach and back sleepers (Firm).

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Saatva recommends a Plush Soft Saatva Classic for side sleepers (and occasional back sleepers) for an enveloping feeling that’s more like a hug. Conforming memory foam and individually wrapped coils help cocoon side sleepers in a comfortable position all night.

For those who switch positions a lot but mostly sleep on their side, a Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm can provide support without being too hard. And lastly, a Zenhaven in Luxury Plush provides cushioning and body-conforming coziness, ideal for ample support while side-sleeping.

Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Saatva explains that their Classic Firm mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers as the firmness level allows you to “float on top” of the bed rather than sink in. While the top cover feels plushy, you’ll notice firm support that keeps you comfortable all night.

Both back and stomach sleepers may also benefit from a Loom & Leaf Firm bed, which keeps you from sinking in while still cushioning your spine. Gentle Firm with Zenhaven is another great option for stomach sleepers, as it gives you pressure-free support that also keeps you from sinking into the bed.

Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Barring any doctor recommendations, the best mattresses for heavy people are denser models with high firmness. Therefore, a supportive and comfortable bed for a heavier-weight person would be a Saatva Classic Luxury Firm, L&L Firm, or Gentle Firm Zenhaven (the opposite side is a lesser firmness).

Saatva also produces a separate line of high-durability hybrid mattresses for people who weigh between 300 and 500 pounds. Consider the Saatva HD mattress if you fit these criteria and are unsure whether a standard Saatva is the right fit for you.

For all sleep positions and needs, consider the impact of not only your mattress but also your pillow on your sleep quality and comfort. The best pillows offer support and help keep your spine aligned while you rest.


Saatva certainly seems to be appealing to all types of consumers with their range of mattresses. All types of Saatva mattresses use quality and eco-friendly materials, but the true value is in the variety. From plush to extra-firm support and innerspring to latex construction, there’s something for every sleep style and comfort level. Plus, with the level of quality the company offers, you can’t go wrong with an investment in a new Saatva mattress.

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