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Foam versus coil, let the comparisons begin.

Memory foam mattresses have made surprising gains in the market in recent years, but more traditional innerspring mattresses still hold their ground with those seeking sweet slumber.

The Puffy Lux Mattress is on the marquee versus the Saatva Classic Mattress and sleepers will come out on top in this comparison no matter the choice. It has a bit of flare like the new talent in the gym versus the old-school contender. OK, sports metaphors aside, these are two sleep-inducing mattresses that deliver in price, quality, and comfort.

Puffy provides a straightforward choice with established options while Saatva requires individual selection of features such as thickness and firmness.


puffy icon
Saatva mattress logo

Mattress Type

Plush Cloud Foam

Double Layer Innerspring


6-8 (Medium)

3-8 (Soft to Firm)




Weight /Queen

75 lbs

120 lbs



1st Layer

3" Cooling Cloud Gel Foam

Euro Pillow Top

2nd Layer

Plush Dual Cloud Layer

Lumbar Enhancing Memory Foam

3rd Layer


Wrapped Comfort Coils

Base Layer

7" Firm Core Support Foam

Tempered Steel Coils

Other Features

CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
Donations To Children In Need
Made in USA

CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
Antimicrobial Treated Fabric
Made in USA






Free White Glove

Trial Period

101 Nights

120 Nights



15 Years


$200 Off

Free Setup & Mattress Removal


Puffy Lux and Saatva Classic both have strong customer reviews. Take a look below at how all types of sleepers are rating these mattresses.

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4 Star Reviews 
3 Star Reviews
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Key Comparisons

It will be difficult for some to decide which of the two mattresses to choose for home delivery in just a matter of days. While the anticipation mounts, let’s take a look at what each mattress has to offer.

Durability & Materials

The Puffy Lux and the Saatva Classic are well-constructed mattresses designed to provide top-grade, reliable materials and durability. Puffy Lux champions a memory foam structure while Saatva Classic employs a metal coil as its foundation. Interconnected layers in these mattresses complement each stage of construction to heighten sleep comfort.

Puffy Lux uses its patented Cooling Cloud Gel Foam to enhance support for sleepers and provide a contour-fit. Much like memory foam, Puffy’s material is a gel-infused Visco poly foam. Foams are known to maintain durability for years as they return to an original shape after weight is lifted off the material.

The Puffy Lux is a combination of layers and different foams within the mattress all working together as a support mattress. Puffy touts its design as providing up to eight times more airflow around the body compared to traditional mattresses. The three types of foam – all CertiPUR-US foam attested to be free of unhealthy chemicals – used in the Lux each works to maximize air flow and push heat away from the sleeper.

The Saatva Classic uses a thin layer of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mashed between the pillow top and the first layer of metal coils. Saatva developed this mattress with a dual layer of coils stacked, to provide a floating feeling atop a sturdy base of support.

Saatva is a traditional innerspring mattress design, hence the “classic” moniker, that delivers an uncommonly high-end level of sleep comfort.

As mentioned in previous reviews, memory foams used in these mattresses are eco-friendly and avoid unhealthy chemicals.

Puffy Lux

Puffy Lux rests its mattress configuration on top of a strong, seven-inch Firm Core support foam designed for durability. The mattress can be placed on hard surfaces such as bed slats or a floor to deliver what Puffy considers as four times more support than traditional mattresses. The mattress is also 99% more responsive, per Puffy, and returns a sleeper’s sweet spot to true form after use.

The base layer supports three additional layers that combine to make the Lux one of the thicker foam mattresses. The 12-inch thick Lux is Puffy’s second generation of this mattress after entering the market in 2017.

Foam on top of foam is capped with the gel-infused Cooling Cloud layer for sleep support. Similar to memory foam, the Cooling Cloud lives up to its description by pulling heat away from the sleeper for a cooling effect. Puffy has designed this special air flow feature that garners high praise from customers.

Puffy wraps its Lux mattress in a polyester, stretch-knit cover to keep all the other elements in place while providing a comfortable feel. It’s a cinch to unzip the stain-resistant cover and run it through the washing machine for a quick cleaning.

Saatva Classic

Tradition with a luxury feel is the attraction to the Saatva Classic mattress. We’ve rated this mattress as one of the best on the market and Saatva lives up to such high praise.

 The Saatva Classic uses a “coil on coil” design with a foundation of a tempered steel support base. All coils are made of recycled steel in a connected, hour glass formation. This construction helps the mattress sustain durability longer than the average mattress.
mattress layers of saatva

Individually wrapped steel coils are packed into the next layer to stop motion transfer while providing a wrapping effect for sleepers. While working together as a whole, these coils work independently from one another to stop movement from spreading across the layered system. This also helps the coils respond to all sleep patterns and body shapes.

Mixed within the Classic innerspring design is the high-quality memory foam on the second level. This layer is specifically intended to enhance lumbar support. Any relief here while sleeping can reduce strain on the lower back and relieve stress while sleeping.

Saatva knows how to top off its Classic mattress with the euro pillow top and the high-grade cushioning materials not found in the average pillow top. Choose a comfort level from soft to firm, and the euro pillow top gently nurtures joints such as the hips and shoulders as well as the sleeper’s back.

The replenishing effect of the top is surrounded by an attractive organic cotton cover. Saatva’s cover fabric is treated with a botanical antimicrobial solution that hinders bacteria while extending the life of the organic cotton weave.

Two Mattresses for Multiple Sleeping Positions

One of the greatest pleasures in life is anticipatiing a good night’s sleep. No two people sleep the same way or in the same position and your bed needs to adjust accordingly.

Our two mattresses in this comparison have distinct features targeted at helping you enjoy a restful slumber.

Finding your “sweet spot” in a new mattress is a little easier with the Puffy Lux. The Lux captures your body motion through the night whether you toss and turn or casually shift and twist under the covers. Puffy positioned the Lux on the firmness scale at an optimum mid-range of 5.5-7 on a scale of 10. This fits well within medical guidelines for firmness.

Heavier bodies will find the Lux sleeps a bit firmer than advertised while sleepers less than 230 pounds will find the Lux delivers as promised. The combination of foams in the Lux spurs a boost in energy levels, lessens body pressure points (such as hips and knees), supports better spine alignment, and not surprisingly, helps blood circulation.

 Puffy Lux and its layered construction have set a standard for foam mattresses promising restful sleep.

The Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic is offered in three firmness grades ranging from three (plush soft) to eight (firm). We’ll concentrate on the luxury firm mid-ranges of five through seven on a scale of 10. Saatva states more than 80 percent of its customers choose the luxury firm.

At this firmness, the Classic is a balanced blend of cushioning and support that provides a luxury level of sleep for all types, even couples, competing for comfort. The dual-coil innersprings and the pillow top work together as an uplifting counterbalance to sleepers. This constant uplifting helps maintain desirable alignment for your back and counters pressure points with soothing support.

Adding the pillow top and lumbar supporting memory foam on top of the innersprings is a testament to Saatva’s innovation with the Classic. This mattress falls in the ultra-premium level of construction to deliver a higher level of sleep comfort.

They Allow for Body Contouring 

Modern mattresses must be made from materials allowing body contouring without the heat and permanent impressions associated with foam in the past. People want to crawl into bed and enjoy the same mattress as the night before.

Memory foam mattresses and their traditional counterparts today can adjust to body movement while cradling sleepers throughout the night. This body contouring promotes a better night’s sleep while the mattress rebounds to its original condition rather than sustain an impression of your body. 

Our Puffy and Saatva mattresses are zoned in to this cradling concept.


Puffy put together an exceptional body contouring product with its Lux mattress. Puffy Lux has a layered combination of several foams – Cooling Cloud Gel Foam, Climate Comfort Foam, Push Dual Cloud – that work by isolating body contours of individual sleepers. This effectively modifies sleep, i.e. makes you more comfortable, because the body is cradled by the mattress.

 Each layer acts independently while also working with the other layers to reduce body pressure points. Pressure points won’t leave lumpy indentations because the foam rebounds to its shape. These layers also reduce movement across the mattress. A few nightmarish twitches by a sleeping partner in the dead of the night won’t roll across the mattress like a motion tidal wave.


Toss any visions of broken mattress springs from your mind when it comes to the Saatva Classic mattress. The “coil on coil” design of this mattress combined with a pillow top and lumbar support memory foam sandwiched inside catapult this traditional innerspring bedding to the top of any quality list.

The springs support sleepers’ bodies with just the right amount of firmness and bounce while the foam combinations allow the mattress to wrap around your body while sleeping. Body contouring is best when the mattress can take on your full weight as the Classic does while sculpting you into a restful sleep position.

Such a high level of support and cushioning as delivered by the Classic also eliminates most motion due to body movement. High marks here for a traditional design that provides plush cushioning material sleepers expect today.

Free Shipping and Longer Trial Periods

Price may ultimately be a deciding factor between Puffy Lux and Saatva Classic, but quality and comfort won’t be lost however the decision falls. Both mattresses offer newer materials with traditional construction of layered support to achieve the goal of comforting sleep.

puffy mattress trial period

Trial periods are comparable with Puffy at 101 nights and Saatva at 120 nights. Puffy leads with a lifetime warranty while Saatva offers 15 years of assurance which is well beyond estimated life expectancy of most mattresses. Both are made in the USA.

One difference for these companies is the free white glove delivery by Saatva – delivery, set up, and mattress removal – is included with shipping. Puffy offers standard delivery in a box within 5 days. Both offer free returns, but there is a $99 difference in the refund from Saatva if white glove delivery was chosen. Saatva delivery time varies by zip code, so it can take up to 18 days.

A good night's sleep is the most important part of preparing yourself for tomorrow. Be sure to do thorough research before making your final decision when you buy a mattress online.

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