Tuft and Needle Original Mattress Review

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Are you thinking about buying the Tuft & Needle mattress? Uncertain about the quality? Looking for more info on a foam mattress? Discover the benefits and features of the Tuft & Needle mattress inside and out with our in-depth review.

Tuft & Needle was established in 2012 in the USA. It offers a mattress named the T&N Mattress, which has gained much popularity as a 10-inch, 2-layer polyfoam mattress. It is quite comfortable. Let’s take a deeper look.

Materials and Durability of the Tuft & Needle Mattress

The mattress offered by the company is durable and is made of high quality materials. The materials used in the mattress provide consumers with the best of comfort at an affordable price. Goods used in the manufacturing of the mattress are very soft; the company is devoted to using such materials since they give the mattress a longer life. In addition, at Tuft and Needle, durability is always ensured.


tuft & needle

Mattress Type



6.5 (medium)



Weight /Queen

72 lbs


Polyester Tactel (Stretchy and Thin)

1st Layer

3" Thick
Gel and Graphite
Adaptive Foam

Base Layer

7" Firm Support Foam

Other Features

If Returned, Gets Donated to Children in Need




Free (In Contiguous US)

Trial Period

100 Nights


10 Years Non-Prorated

Where to Buy

Tuft & Needle Mattress Foam Layers

T&N mattress has two main layers. The first layer is the adaptive foam layer which is neither memory nor latex foam. Unlike memory foam, it doesn’t give the feeling of being sunken deep into the mattress. Being sunken might cause a backache. Moreover, the adaptive layer helps to move heat away from the body, as it is embedded with gel beads and graphite.

The second layer or the bottom layer is also known as the support layer. This seven-inch layer provides support to the mattress in its entirety. It provides the feature of pain and pressure relief due to being perfect for stomach and back sleepers.

It provides the entire body with such support that the sleepers don’t feel their bodies sinking deeply into the mattress even while sleeping on the sides. This mattress underwent several tests of firmness, and on a scale of 1 to 10, it has a firmness value of 6.5.

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Motion Isolation on Tuft & Needle

The company has put a great deal of effort into assuring motion isolation. That means if one partner moves a lot while sleeping, the other would not be disturbed. The transfer of motion is minimized as much as possible.

There were many tests done to check the motion isolation.  For example, a glass half filled with water was placed on T&N mattress, and the person testing motion isolation moved towards the glass. The test clearly showed that there was little disturbance in the water.

It is very difficult to sleep if your partner moves a lot while sleeping. Thus, motion transfer is diminished, and motion isolation is ensured in order to ensure sound slumber.

There were more tests done to check the feature of motion isolation. One of the individuals was asked to lie on the bed, and the other was asked to jump a bit. The individual lying underwent very less motion transfer.

Overall, motion isolation is one of the greatest features of this Tuft & Needle mattress, causing an increase in its demand in the market.

Sleeping Positions Best Accommodated by the Tuft & Needle Mattress

Usually, there are three sleeping positions; side, stomach, and back. Regardless of your type of sleeping position, Tuft and Needle tries its best to serve the customers with the desired comfort.

According to the reviews of masses, T&N is very good at providing best comfort to back and stomach sleepers. As far as the weight of individuals is concerned, T&N is considered suitable for heavier people (weighing more than 225 pounds).

There were numerous tests done to check the pressure points while lying on the mattress through pressure map. The results were in favor of back and stomach sleeping positions. While lying on both of these positions, the weight and pressure were evenly distributed and the stress observed on the body was very less.

As mentioned above, the mattress gives perfect support to heavy bodies as well, but the pressure felt while lying on the mattress may vary according to individual needs. While lying on the side, the pressure felt was a bit more as there was higher weight put onto a smaller surface area. While lying on the sides, the mattress felt firmer than it felt while lying on back and stomach position.

The test clearly showed that the best-suited positions are back and stomach. While sleeping in these positions, sleepers feel less pressure, ensuring that they can breathe easily during sleep.

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Trial Period and Warranty for the Tuft & Needle Mattress

The cover is made of breathable polyester Tactel which is quite thin and elastic and lets you observe the features of the underlying layers. It comes with a 10-year non-prorated warranty. As long as the warranty isn't voided, the company takes care of any repairs. Be sure to read the fine print so you know exactly what's included.

Tuft & Needle claims to be one of the best quality mattress manufacturers which is affordable. It comes in a user-friendly box and is easy to unfold.
tuft and needle mattress

Another selling point is that after 100 nights of trial if the consumer doesn’t like the mattress, he/she gets a full refund and the mattress is donated to someone in need. 

Tuft & Needle Mattress Reviews

Reviews for T&N are positive. Many people reviewed the mattress on the official website, and most of them left five-star ratings. There were many web surveys done, and masses were satisfied with the way T&N mattress is designed to provide users with utmost comfort.

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