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Bear Mattress - 4.7 rating

Bear Mattress is a family-run business that prides itself on bringing customers the latest in mattress technology. A key focus for Bear Mattress is providing active customers with a high-performing and therapeutic product. The end goal is for sleepers to feel rejuvenated and energetic every single morning, and the company's Bear Mattress, one of three produced by the manufacturer, accomplishes this well.

The design of the Bear Mattress is tailored to fit all types of individuals, with a special focus on athletes. The company packs several technologies in this mattress, claiming that the technology, as a whole, is not only cutting-edge but also science-based and peer-reviewed.

The Bear Mattress has several layers of varying memory foam, to go along with a unique cover that utilizes proprietary technology to keep users relaxed at night and feeling energized in the morning.

Bear Mattress offers the kind of excellent customer support that you would expect from a family-operated business.

This Bear Mattress review will guide you in determining whether this product is right for your sleep profile.

Mattress Review

Bear Mattress has earned an exceedingly high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on more than 8,600 reviews. Reviewers say their Bear Mattress is "comfortable," "adjusts to ... localized weight," has the "firmness just right" and "supportive."

Many Bear Mattress customers purchased second mattresses for overnight guests, and some even replaced all mattresses in their households with the Bear Mattress.

Customers who did not like this mattress report it to be "harder" than expected, "lumpy" and "very uncomfortable."

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Bear Mattress: Up Close

Mattress Layers, Height and Weight

Proudly made in the United States, the Bear Mattress uses domestically sourced materials. Additionally, every mattress is a special order. This means your mattress has materials sourced from your region, minimizing the mattresses environmental footprint. 

Finally, the environmental profile of the Bear Mattress is exceptional. They are certiPUR-US, which means they are free from a host of toxic ingredients such as phthalates, mercury, lead, formaldehyde and other harmful compounds.

At 10 inches thick, the Bear mattress will support every body type and is rated 7.1 in firmness, with 10 being the firmest. A twin and twin XL mattress weighs 50 pounds. A full model weighs in at 60 pounds, with a queen-size mattress weighing 70 pounds and king and Cal king running 90 pounds.


The cover of the Bear Mattress utilizes Celliant technology. Arguably the most impressive attribute of the Bear Mattress, Celliant is a material made up of minerals and interwoven with polyester fibers. Considered an infrared yarn technology, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially recognizes Celliant as a health and wellness product.

The benefit of Celliant is its unique blend of minerals. Microscopic bits of 13 minerals combine to make Celliant. These tiny particles are thermally conductive, which means they are highly conductive to heat. 

Typically, a thermally conductive material in a mattress would be a drawback. No one wants the feeling of being too hot while sleeping. Celliant fibers, however, absorb heat lost by bodies and transform it into infrared light. On the other end of the light spectrum from UV light, infrared’s healing and regenerative properties are continuing to gain traction in the scientific community.

Therefore, the Celliant mattress removes heat by returning it to the user via infrared light. This energy return allows Bear Mattress sleepers to regain energy and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Lastly, Celliant is not specific to Bear Mattress. Bear Mattress, however, is one of only two brands that offers a product with a significant percentage of Celliant in the mattress cover.

Top Layer

Traditionally one of the big drawbacks to memory foam is the inability of heat to escape. The graphite-based foam and gel-pods in the Bear Mattress solve this problem by allowing heat to quickly redistribute throughout the mattress and away from warm bodies. 

The 2-inch top layer of foam in the Bear Mattress is unique in that it uses graphite in conjunction with microscopic gel pods to cool and remove heat from the sleeper’s body. Graphite, when compressed, is better than other compounds in removing heat from an area. 

Flexible gel pods, which act to cool mattress users, easily flex, allowing the graphite to carry heat uninterrupted throughout the top layer. Although many mattresses contain gel pods to cool their customers, Bear Mattress is one of the only manufacturers to utilize graphite technology in concert with gel foam.

Middle Layer

Below the graphite, gel-infused memory foam of the top layer, the 2-inch memory foam transitional layer does the heavy lifting. Designed to act as traditional memory foam, this layer helps those suffering from various kinds of back pains.

Transitional memory foam isolates movement in a user’s body. Since the foam molds to fit a person’s shape, it evenly distributes pressure against a person’s body. Those suffering from lower-back pain will notice the reduced pressure and even feel of memory foam.

The Bear Mattress is on the firmer side in terms of softness, and this layer offers a “responsive” feel. Bear Mattress does not want anyone sinking into their mattress. The multilayered foam is designed to give the therapeutic benefits of foam without the sinking feeling.

Bottom Layer

The entire bottom half of the Bear Mattress is composed of 6 inches of high-density memory foam. Although high-density doesn’t specifically mean that it is an extra firm, it does mean that it is more durable. 

Durability is key when purchasing a memory foam mattress. Low-density foam products tend to break down over time, as the structural bonds that make up the foam are less in number. 

High-density foam lasts. It also offers support for heavier individuals without compromising the integrity of the foam. Similar to transitional foam, this layer is designed to assist in the alleviation of back pains and circulation with even pressure.

  • Three layers
  • 2-inch cooling graphite-gel memory foam layer
  • 2-inch responsive transition foam layer
  • 6-inch high-density support foam layer
  • 10-inch, 70-pound queen-size mattress
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Bear Mattress is the first model produced by the company of the same name. It features three layers over its 10-inch height and is among just a few mattresses offering a Celliant cover for improved performance.

Sleeping Positions and Body Contouring

Many folks tend to sleep in one position and become predominantly side sleepers or stomach sleepers. Some others favor sleeping on their backs. Still others rotate positions throughout the night.

The Bear Mattress offers an above average sleep experience overall. For sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds, back sleepers will do best on a Bear Mattress. Stomach sleepers and side sleepers, meanwhile, may not enjoy this mattress as much.

For sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds, the Bear Mattress excels. Back sleepers will especially enjoy this mattress. Stomach and side sleepers will also sleep very well on a Bear Mattress.

For sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds, back sleepers will do best on a Bear Mattress. Side sleepers in this weight class may enjoy an above-average sleep, with stomach sleepers having only a so-so experience.


Less than 130 pounds

130 to 230 pounds

More than 230 pounds

Back sleeper

Stomach sleeper

Side sleeper

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation refers to how isolated part of the mattress can be with regard to motion when a companion moves on his or her side of the mattress.

The various layers of memory foam all serve to isolate the motion of any person using the Bear Mattress. Like many other memory foam mattresses, the Bear Mattress works to provide even pressure to all points on the body.

Those experiencing any type of joint pain might initially gravitate toward softer mattresses. Soft mattresses, however, can accentuate pain and make it worse. A firm mattress, particularly a memory foam mattress, will redistribute an individual’s weight. The result is a lessening in tension for joints and increased relaxation, which helps blood circulation.

Edge Support

Edge support can be helpful in getting into and out of bed. Having a sturdy edge support is especially helpful for older sleepers, some of whom may have balance and mobility issues.

The Bear Mattress offers above-average edge support. Earlier incarnations of this mattress suffered from weak edge support, however. The company has worked to improve this feature and give all sleepers assurance of easy access in and out of bed.

Warranty, Trial Period and Shipping

The Bear Mattress comes with a longtime warranty, and customers have more than three months to be sure they're happy with their purchase. Shipping is handled quickly so you can start enjoying your new bed without a long wait.


The warranty for the Bear Mattress is 10 years. The warranty covers any visible and lasting indentation greater than 1 inch not connected to a sag in the foundation. It also covers any physical flaw causing the memory foam to split or crack.

For a Bear Mattress to be eligible for warranty, it must be placed on a firm, solid surface or adjustable bed base.

The outer mattress cover is under warranty for one year against faults in material or workmanship.

Bear Mattress will repair or replace a defective mattress but not cover transportation costs.

Trial Period

Bear Mattress offers a 100-day trial on its mattresses. The company requires you to keep the mattress for at least 30 days before returning it. If you are still not satisfied, however, you can return up to the 100th night of the date of delivery.

Returns are completely free, and your original form of payment receives the credit. Bear Mattress arranges for a local charity to come to pick up the mattress to mitigate their environmental impact. It's important to note that returns are limited to one per household.


Bear Mattress offers free shipping on all its products. When purchasing a mattress, you also have the option to purchase the base, frame, protector or bedding. All shipping is completed between two and seven business days.


The Bear Mattress costs $540 for a twin, $640 for a twin XL, $740 for a full, $840 for a queen and $940 for a king.

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